Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fallen Officer?

Every definition of “fallen officer” that we have found refers to an officer killed either while on duty or while reporting to duty. While we have the greatest respect for Brian Faulkner of the former ABI, he was not killed in either of the above situations. Cpl. Faulkner was either traveling for personal business reasons or joy riding on a motorcycle when he was injured in March of last year. Faulkner
subsequently died at Huntsville Hospital from his injuries.

No one wants any new names added to the list of local fallen officers, but those already there deserve our utmost respect. The TimesDaily should apologize to the families of all fallen officers for its error.


The Tuscumbia fire chief has returned to duty. Will he face a three day suspension?


We are not familiar with the Mission of Mercy drug rehab facility. We do know that young Mr. Scott has been through at least two previous drug programs, one at the expense of the state (read: taxpayers). Is family paying for this latest attempt to rehabilitate Hottie Scottie?


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