Monday, July 6, 2015

Hershel Dale Graham--Now Our Problem

Since 2008, the state of Alabama has allowed some prisoners to return home under house arrest if they are in soon. Those convicted of Capital Murder and Rape are excluded from this program.

How about Manslaughter? They can qualify. Hershel Dale Graham, 52, has apparently qualified for this program after serving a little more than four months, all but a few days in the air conditioned Kilby Infirmary.

Authorities at Kilby say death is fast approaching Graham, a man who used a wheel chair at his trial, but miraculously managed to visit Walmart sans wheelchair or cane while awaiting an appeal of his sentence.

Now, Graham will live in Red Bay with his father and be on the Medicaid roll—your tax dollars at work. Theoretically he can leave his home for medical visits, worship services, and in some cases grocery shopping. We're guessing he will shop at Walmart where he can also browse their other wonderful upscale selections of merchandise to make life easier for the lallygagger.

How soon will Graham die? Morbid question, isn't it? What if he doesn't pass to his reward in the next 20 months? We assume he will then be on straight probation for the remainder of his sentence (five years).

During this time, he will have to walk the straight and narrow or be forced to do the actual 14 years. Will he? He must see himself as a master manipulator, but it's not just the hills that have eyes. Red Bay will be watching for him to make a misstep.

David Andrasik's family deserved better. Unfortunately, Judge Terry Dempsey failed to give it to them. Many thanks to DA Joey Rushing for diligently pursuing the case against Graham who murdered the husband/father in cold blood.

So the town of Russellville shot flocks of Canada geese before the Jam on Sloss Lake? It's the Franklin County way, now isn't it? We often hear it said that many in Franklin still live in the 19th Century. We're not so sure they're even that advanced...


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