Friday, July 17, 2015

Not All Murder Victims Are Equal

Kayla Glover
Gov. Robert Bentley frequently offers rewards for information leading to arrests in unsolved murder cases. Family often adds to these rewards in addition to the standard 1K Crime Stoppers reward.

While we know that state finances are extremely tight, Bentley has offered a reward in cases as recently as April. The rewards range from 5K to 10K. No such reward has been offered in the execution style hit on Gary Wayne Baskins and his driver Kayla Glover.

No, not all life is equal, is it? Do we agree? We honestly don't know, but we do lean toward putting the money where it will do the most good. Comments?


There is still in place the 1K reward offered by Crime Stoppers. Baskins reportedly left Section 8 housing in North Florence approximately two weeks before his death and checked into the more expensive Key West Inn in Tuscumbia. Apparently he wanted a quiet new place to live and had the money to pay for it. He had $1,100.00 in his pocket the night he was shot.

Someone has to know who was looking for him, has to know why Baskins felt the need to move so suddenly. All tips are anonymous. It may be the only way this crime is ever solved.


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