Saturday, July 25, 2015

Volunteer Coaches?

Doesn't the news of selfless volunteers helping local schools sound good? Is there a downside? Maybe.

While our heading today says “coaches,” we may as well throw in chaplains as well. The Russellville schools system was roundly criticized for having a football chaplain; however, it seems the gentleman was just someone who showed up one day and volunteered his services. Hmmmm. So if you're a minister, you're good to go with any school programs? Think Jeff Eddy.

On to coaches, it's only been a few years since a woman who volunteered her services to a rural Lauderdale County school went to prison for having sex with some of the students at that institution. Were there any lawsuits? We have no idea, but we haven't bothered to check.

Then we come to Deshler. We usually hear only great things about that high school. We believe Brioni Rutland had only the best intentions toward his former high school, yet he was murdered only a short time after leaving a football practice. We don't know how involved Mr. Rutland was in the illegal world of gambling, and now that he is no longer with us, the defense attorney representing his killer is free to accuse the former Deshler standout of all manner of evil. On the flip side, did no one at the school know of Rutland's little money making endeavor? Surely someone knew something, but did nothing.

Now we've had a complaint about another volunteer high school coach, a young man who is still in college. Our advice is to report all qualms about this “coach” to the school board. Obviously the school itself knows most of the problems in this man's life and simply doesn't care.

These are your children. If you're concerned about people who just show up to “help out,” make your voice heard. File a written complaint and we'll publish it.


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