Friday, July 3, 2015

Angel Nava: Paying for his Upkeep

He's an illegal alien and you're paying for his upkeep—hopefully for the rest of his natural life. He's Angel Nava Campos and he killed his long-time girlfriend in an extremely brutal manner, then left her body
in a ditch at the Catholic church building in Russellville.

At his legal appearances, Nava needed an interpreter; in other words, no matter how long he had been in our country, no matter how many illegitimate children he fathered, no matter the job opportunities he missed, Nava refused to learn enough English to get by on a day to day basis.

Franklin County DA Joey Rushing said it was the most brutal murder he had seen during his span in office. Yet, no jury trial is without risks. The family of Lesley Plott decided to accept a plea. Instead of Capital Murder, Nave pleaded guilty to Felony Murder, meaning at some point he will be eligible for parole.

Do we think he will make it? If we are forced to speculate, Nava will die in prison at the hand of another inmate. If the impossible should happen and Nava is paroled, he will be deported to Mexico. Yep, revolving door.

We have no idea why Miss Plott had even been in a relationship with Nava. We infer language didn't matter. Nava didn't have to understand the words during an argument since he reacted with violence when provoked.

If we tell our young readers to avoid such relationships at all costs, how many will listen? Our psychic powers predict zero. Why? They are the exception, of course.

Franklin County employers, the best thing you can do for your country, state, county, and city is to refuse to hire illegals and to report any whom you think are here illegally. It's a crime to hire illegal
immigrants—Remember that.


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