Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chad Holden to Leave Lauderdale Board

Chad Holden has announced he will not be running for a second term as a Lauderdale County School Board member. The job is usually a thankless task, but we hope someone qualified will step up to seek the position.

We're sure Leslie M. Shoals will have some comments for us at a later date.


We see that opposition to the proposed soft drink tax has solidified. It's doubtful it will pass. Our take is that Gov. Bentley felt a threat to everyone's Co-Coler would have a wake-up effect. We'll see...


Locally, we've had a reader ask if James & Debbie Gibson could be charged with theft of services in relation to their continued use of a Florence sewer line. We doubt it since they have apparently been paying a much too small amount, but nonetheless paying each month.

We have to ask why even have a water/sewer manager if the city isn't taking his advice? The Gibsons have had plenty of time to digest the news of the line closing. This is not  a chess game. Take Mr. Doyle's advice and close the line now.


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