Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kitts Does Stand-Up; Says “Stuff”

Academicians should be extremely versatile, but who knew that UNA's new prexy Ken Kitts liked to do stand-up comedy? Perhaps it's more a case of, in our best Randolph Scott voice, “You ain't from around these parts, are you stranger?”

In a recent article in the TD, Kitts lamented the amount of Alabama/Auburn/Tennessee items he regularly saw displayed in local businesses. Kitts believes this paraphernalia should be replaced with UNA's purple and gold. Hmmmm, good luck with that.

It seems Kitts has called in Mark Linder to liaise with various retailers in order to have these large university symbols removed and UNA themed items placed in their stead. That should work out well; we can't imagine any store owner who wouldn't be thrilled to have a non-native bigwig dictate what they should display in the establishment they have labored for years to turn into a success.


Now, Dr. Kitts, about this “stuff?” Did you perhaps mean items? Paraphernalia? Miscellany? Accoutrement? You're the president of our local university and all you can think to call sports related items is “stuff?”

Did Steve Pierce pick you personally?


We believe in giving credit where credit is due. We've certainly criticized Mark Linder in the past over his vacillating policy on athletes who commit misdemeanors, but we wish to commend him on making sure the track is open to the public.

The UNA facility has so far had no vandals or lawsuits filed over it. We guess all the vandals live in Muscle Shoals?


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  1. It's really odd that UNA receives so little loyalty from the local Shoals community. I think Ken Kitts is just trying to do his job. Yeah, I went to Auburn. But it's a concern that UNA is like a red-haired stepchild for much of Florence. Why does the UNA faculty and students have so little impact?