Thursday, July 9, 2015

College of Integrative Health/Pause That Refreshes

Delays with the new animal shelter? Mayor Mickey Haddock has stated there are two sites being considered, but infrastructure will cost at least one-half million more than the shelter costs already budgeted. This seems exorbitant, but then so does everything related to government operations. Obviously everyone wants the best for the new shelter.

But's been mentioned the city might repurchase the old Florence Golf & Country Club property. Infrastructure there is already in place, at least for the most part.

Hallelujah, the animals are saved. Fantastic opportunity, huh? Yes, it is, but it seems intended not only to save the City of Florence some money, but to save face for the University of North Alabama. When last we checked, the College of Integrative Health had ONE student. Just how much money has UNA lost in this deal with its high-ranking Chinese Communist benefactor?

The country club property currently houses the senior center as well as some city offices. It sounds close to perfect no matter who currently owns the property. We say get on with it.

Just remember, if you lie down with a Chinese Communist who has sworn to oppose democracy at every turn (and who may well have what we're trying to protect for dinner), you get up with not only fleas, but an embarrassingly red face.


Will the Pause That Refreshes soon cost you more? If Gov. Bentley gets his way, it just might. It's not just manufactured soft drinks, but your tea as well. Will oxygen be the next thing taxed?

We can see it now: Shhh! Be quiet and I'll take you round back to the garden where I grow the Orange Pekoe. We eagerly await the arrest of the 97 year old lady who bootlegs the Earl Grey from Mississippi.

How much will this cost us? Pundits in Montgomery are estimating 200 extra bucks a year. Pass the Adam's Ale.


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