Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who's Pregnant?!!!

We had some very interesting comments recently on teen pregnancy. Who's fault is it? Which is your approach to sex education?

Really bad parent: Don't bother us now, kid. Your mom and I are half way to a really great buzz. If you want to know about sex, ask you cousin Lonnie. He has enough little bastards running around that he should be able to explain things to you.

Pretty bad parent: Oh, yes, my husband and I will talk to the kids about sex as soon as we think they're ready. Our son is only 16 and our daughter only 15. We have plenty of time yet.

Average parent: All I can say is thank Heaven for Scouts and those lessons they teach in P.E. I can rest assured my daughter knows all she needs to, and I didn't have to have that talk with her all by myself.

Pretty good parent: My husband and I looked into the sex education curriculum they have at school and then talked about it with our kids. We've told them they can come to us at any time they have more questions. They're good kids so we don't expect any problems along those lines.

Really great parent: After we'd looked into what sex education was being taught at the children's school, we discussed it with the kids at length. At first we thought that would be enough, but when the preacher's daughter got pregnant and the guidance counselor's son got chlamydia, we took another look at what our own kids knew. I can remember being told by friends that a girl can't get pregnant the first time, and my husband remembered hearing in high school that a girl couldn't get pregnant if she drank enough orange juice. Was anyone out there telling our kids that kind of thing in 2015? We decided to make a list of myths and misconceptions and have another talk with our children. If they have an unwanted pregnancy now or contract an STD we'll know they have some underlying emotional problems, but we sincerely doubt that will be the case.

So how about you? What's your style?


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