Monday, July 20, 2015

So Who's Paying for This Abortion?

A Lauderdale County Inmate has filed suit against Sheriff Rick Singleton for not offering ready access to a Huntsville abortion clinic. Think what you may about abortions in general, the state is in no way financially responsible for funding one unless the prisoner's life is in danger.

The ACLU has stepped in to assist the inmate, who doesn't see the need of a court order allowing the county to transport her to the clinic. So what happens if she should die or suffer other injury during the procedure? The sheriff would be left holding the proverbial bag. The county would be paying out a settlement.

The inmate is listed as Jane Doe. Does that mean the fetus' father isn't aware of the pregnancy? This should be an interesting case. If the inmate wins, we trust the medical bill to the state, if there is one, or other incidental expenses will be made public to the taxpayers of Lauderdale County.


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