Friday, July 10, 2015

Big As Nashville?/Return of DreamVision?

There's nothing wrong with being supportive of community. There is something wrong with those who take stock of a situation and then misinform. Most of us know to take the hyperbole that spouts from some TimesDaily writers with a modicum of doubt.

According to Robert Palmer, the town of Muscle Shoals is just as well known throughout the US as Nashville. Yes...that would be why David Letterman had to ask the Secret Sisters to repeat the name in order for him to understand it. That would be why so many writers who commented on DreamVision's plans for a music park here were met with “where?”

Nashville was in the music business approximately 40 years before Muscle Shoals. Movies have been made about it long ago. It's nice to hope Muscle Shoals and the surrounding area will be as famous as
Nashville some day, but we're not there yet.


Did someone say DreamVision? Bryan Robinson tells the public that it's still in the works. Perhaps even destined now for Athens. Wonder if he meant Georgia or Greece?



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