Sunday, July 5, 2015

Justin Matthew Green...Again

From a reader:

Could you help me to understand why XXXXX is being charged with taking someone's life that was of an age that could have refused to take drugs, then when XXXXX gets caught again with drugs he's locked up until his trial date but Justin Green is being charged with the possible death of an innocent child and he fails a drug test but is turned loose only hours later? I have a grandchild the age this sweet baby girl would be and I don't think at the age her life was taken that she would have been capable of wrapping anything around her little neck tight enough to do harm, but yet a parent who is supposed to protect her can harm her and still be a free man.

Is there one answer to the above question? Perhaps not. Deaths related to drug cases seem to carry stiffer sentences, even though both cases are being prosecuted as manslaughter.

First, we're not sure how long Green remained in jail. It could have been hours or days. We assume he made bail on his latest charge.

The case against Justin Matthew Green is also not as strong as the case in the drug death. Green has reportedly blamed his partner's two young children in the death of his daughter. Authorities hope to prove he was at least negligent in allowing the child to die even if they can't prove Green intentionally wrapped the cord around Arabella's neck.

If Green is convicted, the judge will hopefully take into consideration his two previous arrests and the current infraction, whatever it may have been. A sentence of 20 years would still not be enough, but it may be only 15 since there was no gun involved. Whatever the maximum, let's hope Green goes away for a long time.

After much deliberation, our take on the matter is that there was no ill intent in the drug death. There was a violent intent in the strangulation death of Arabella Green. She didn't deserve the treatment she received from someone who claimed the name of father. We have another name for him, but it would violate our own policy against using vulgarities.


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