Monday, July 13, 2015

Local Politicians & Personal Finances

Years ago a certain man ran for mayor of a very small Shoals area town. One frequent comment about this candidate was that he had gone bankrupt running his own business; why should anyone trust him to run the town's finances?

There are always checks and balances in any government. The larger the government entity, the more such checks are in place. Yet, the question of personal financial responsibility should be part of any candidate vetting.

Rumors have long haunted a certain local politician concerning his personal finances. We do have to ask if robbing Peter to pay Paul is a personal business strategy, would that make him more apt to apply that strategy in city government?

We've often felt that many good candidates were overlooked as simply being a one trick pony. Maybe some are. Others with great ideas wouldn't know how to appear personable if the fate of the universe depended on it. Don't judge candidates on their personality or who their father was; ask real questions and demand real answers.

Candidates for county offices are already warming up for battle. Can candidates for city councils be that far behind. Start asking questions now. The Shoals deserves competent financial management.


We see someone asked the difference in allowing a St. Florian trailer park to hook up to Florence lines and allowing Wilson School to do the same. We'll be happy to elucidate the individual.

First, these are two separate lines. We assume the Wilson School line is up to code. The St, Florian line is not.

Second, the school is not operating for financial gain. Allowing a school free use is hardly the same as allowing a business, in this case a trailer park.

Third, the misguided critic of Florence seems to think the residents of this park will have to pay for new arrangements. No, the owner of the park is responsible for that. Will the park close? Possibly.

As we recently advised with renters, anyone purchasing property should be aware of any legal restraints on or possible problems with the purchase. Buy a pig in a poke? Whose fault is it?


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