Thursday, July 16, 2015

Muscle Shoals Track Closed

We all know the high class group at Muscle Shoals doesn't like outsiders using THEIR facilities, but blaming it on an Insurance Carrier?

Lindsey said he only heard one complaint? Lindsey - your selective hearing is working well - too bad the gate at the public's track isn't.

Where is the City Council in this loop (on vacation again - or maybe the mayor is sick)? With over 1.5 million tax dollars (and as the infamous Mayor Bradford touts - $1.5million is only the cash - the in-kind contributions total around 6 million)

Back to the issue - How do all the other schools (institutions owned by the public) allow access to the Public's Facilities, but Brian Lindsey won't - unless you are one of the insiders and need the facilities and Scott Basden to babysit while you conduct your personal photo-shoot? 

Does he expect the people of Muscle Shoals to be so stupid they believe that line?

Time for a change - CITY ELECTIONS 2016
 Leslie M. Shoals

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