Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nick Saban Speaks...Who's Listening?

If you didn't believe the gubnah, will you believe Nick Satan, uh, Saban? The U of A football coach has stated the Confederate battle flag must go. He probably has more influence than the dermatologist from Tuscaloosa.

We imagine many are torn over this issue, even more so now, which is sad. Didn't they ever think about the imagery before Coach Saban brought the matter to the attention of his adoring public this week? Maybe not...


From Rebels to Nazis...that's grammar Nazis. We see that Darren Rhodes has begun to advertise his new loft living spaces in the old McCorkle's building. Note the apostrophe, Mr. Rhodes. It's your friend.

We look forward to whatever may be locating on the ground level. How about a dedicated area for pop-up shops?



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