Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dewey Doesn't...

Rules are made to be broken? We won't go as far as that; however, in life one has to be flexible. Apparently Lauderdale Commission Chair Dewey Mitchell isn't, at least when it comes to the budget.

The fiscal year is over half over. So far there have been no surprise expenses for the county. Doesn't having the opportunity to save the county thousands of dollars in vehicle maintenance sound like a good deal?

Dewey says no. Dewey says why have a budget? That sounds good, but we bet if his office had an expensive leak directly over his desk he wouldn't be thinking about the budget when he ordered it fixed even if it caused an excess in yearly maintenance spending.

Yesterday, we suggested robbing to Peter to pay Paul is never a good idea. We stand by that, but in the case of new vehicles for the sheriff's department, that won't be necessary. Wisdom would say “go
for it.”

Now, who's running against Dewey in the next election?


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