Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tom Freeland Sings Those Poor Lawyer Blues

Tom Freeland
Silly us--just a few weeks ago we were concerned with stopping Chinese students from eating the dogs and cats of Florence. It seems we should have been worried about such more pressing matters as the inane signs one finds posted around Franklin County. We're unsure how such back woodsy admonitions have escaped our attention.

However, we may sleep well tonight, for it seems at least one of these signs has been outed by Tom Freeland, an Oxford, Mississippi, attorney. Freeland was forced to suffer the insipidities of Franklin County when he and three other lawyers bravely trekked into the wilds of Franklin to represent indicted murderer Hershel Dale Graham.

Besides having the exciting and honorable career as an attorney, it seems Freeland is also a blogger. Jimmy Durante had a quote about that, didn't he? In one of Freeland's blogs, he spotlighted a sign on a soft drink vending machine; you may view it here: Courthouse in Russellville, Alabama. Be sure to note all the comments wherein the state of Alabama is generally trashed.

Well, perhaps Freeland just had nothing better to blog about that day. Another of Freeland's recent blogs lamented the lack of English proficiency in the news profession today. References were made to "class." We just bet he really loved having to speak with Hershel Graham and his son Elijah.

Of course, we're equally sure he didn't mind taking Hershel's money, now did he? Several have asked how Hershel Graham could afford four lawyers. We have no idea, but Graham will still be going away for a long, long time. Tom Freeland really needs to worry less about rural Alabama courthouses and more about getting a better class of clients.

You may still sign the petition for maximum sentencing for Hershel Graham until the end of the month: Sentence Killer Hershel Dale Graham to 20 Years.

Just for Tom and Hershel:


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