Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Martini's Bar/Sgt. Kyle Palmer Update

Martini's Bar and Lounge on Hatch Boulevard in Sheffield is a rockin' kinda place. The problem seems to be when customers leave Martini's and venture into other neighborhoods. The lounge, located directly across from the service entrance to Shoals Kia, was once home to Down the Hatch and Club High-Class. The latter was called a teen club, but once had its own shooting to boast:

It seems Martini's has recently been the scene of two fights that spilled over into other towns. While not reported in local news outlets, one of these altercations culminated in a shooting at a Muscle Shoals mini-mart. We'll assume no serious injuries resulted. Last week's shooting on West Mobile Street also sprang from a fight that originated at Martini's. 

Perhaps it's time for the city of Sheffield to take another look at Martini's license? 


The Red Bay Police office of internal affairs has been taking testimony this week in the hearing of Sgt. Kyle Palmer, the officer accused of excessive violence during a recent investigation outside his jurisdiction. Those who have heard the testimony thus far have commented anonymously that much isn't adding up, at least with Palmer's version of events. We look forward to their final report.


Success? How does one achieve it? Our advice is to keep on truckin'. Yet at least some who seem destined for success in life don't quite make it. We have to ask how someone falls so far...



  1. They've been shut down over a month

  2. None of that came from Martinis as you call it. The real name is Celebrities. Both of those shootings spilled over from JDs in Sheffield. Celebrities wasn't even open.

    1. This came from our source with the Sheffield PD. Thanks for the update.

    2. No problem. Sounds like you need a new source at the PD LoL