Saturday, July 20, 2013

Revisiting Some Recent Blogs

We recently blogged on Martini's Bar and Lounge in Sheffield. We were given the information by authorities in Sheffield and found a Facebook page with this name. A reader has made us aware that the official name of the establishment is, or was, Celebrities Martini Bar and Lounge.

This prompts two questions: Did any celebrities ever frequent this watering hole? Did any patrons ever actually order and drink martinis? We're going to guess the answer to both questions is "no."

It's a moot point now since the bar is closed. No word on any new owners or names, but the odds would seem good that some will come along. The Sheffield club actually producing the two gun fights was JD's Glass in downtown Sheffield. You've now been warned.


Another reader asked about the deleted comments on a blog mentioning alleged child abuser Ryan Anthony Allen. While we're happy to publish comments that disagree with us as long as they don't contain profanity, etc., we don't choose to give anyone a platform for child abuse. Neither do we choose to enable those who use private communications to make threats and vulgar language to enhance these threats.

It's probably pointless to try to engage in any rational debate with someone who lists their occupation as a mother you would love to f**k. Why is anyone surprised that those who have no morals or shame are usually the first ones to abuse a child--then make excuses for it?


Still another reader asked about some questionable language we allowed in the comment section on a blog concerning a lawsuit against the City of Muscle Shoals. As a rule, we don't publish such comments, but the language in this case was borderline and came from someone wishing to answer a charge made against him.

We do ask for all commenters to proof their remarks. If you wouldn't say it in front of a judge, please don't say it here.


Tomorrow we'll take another look at Jeremy Shane Hall and answer some questions concerning our previous blog on his misdemeanor conviction.


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