Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Second Look at Greg Burdine

Our representative to the State House for District 1 has announced he will seek re-election in 2014.  It's no secret that most of us at Shoalanda have Republican leanings; neither is it a secret that we endorsed Mr. Burdine's Republican challenger in 2010.

While we usually lean toward the more fiscally responsible party, we try to judge each candidate on his or her own merits. That brings us to the recent RegionalCare v. Helen Keller Hospital debacle.

Who attended both Certificate of Need hearings in Montgomery? If any think Democrat Tammy Irons and/or Republican Lynn Greer were in attendance, think again. We didn't even hear of any letters they wrote to support Lauderdale County in its pursuit of a new hospital. It was Greg Burdine who was at the hearings and spoke for Lauderdale County and its citizens.

We don't know at this point if a Republican candidate will challenge Mr. Burdine in the next election or not. If one does, he or she will certainly have an uphill battle.


Pen-N-Sword recently had an interesting article on a Limestone County murder case. The admitted killer was given a plea of Felony murder, meaning he will someday be eligible for parole--just like Ron Wikkid Weems. Yet, the same Limestone County District Attorney continues to seek a Capital Murder conviction for Joel Moyers.

We read of those who still hope for a new state constitution. We can't even reform our pathetic Capital Murder laws, much less our outdated constitution.



  1. We join you in your kind comments for Rep. Greg Burdine and his support of a new regional medical center in northwest Alabama. Yes, Rep. Burdine did attend both the session for the new hospital and the proposed comprehensive cancer center. I do want your readers to know that State Senator Tammy Irons was in attendance for the hospital hearing and did write letters of support and made numerous phone calls on our behalf. In addition, Rep. Lynn Greer also wrote letters and made phone calls in support of these important projects. We remain very optimistic about the new, modern facility for our community and are appreciative of your supportive reports and the efforts by our local legislative delegation, as well as the current mayor and city council in Florence and the Lauderdale County Commission.
    Tom Whetstone,
    Communications Director
    Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital

    1. Many thanks for this update. If it had been reported before that Irons or Greer had written letters, we had missed it. We are very glad that these representatives did step up to support the new hospital.

      Still, Greg was the one mentioned in the TD's Tweeting of the hearings, and we appreciate his willingness to support the new facility in any way he can.

  2. Republican leanings? Moderate, common sense republicans, right? I'm hoping you guys are not Teabaggers.... Please say you aren't. Please. You might lose a reader if you say yes.

    1. After several years of reading Facebook comments, we've come to the conclusion we're more moderate than conservative. Note: Speaking only for myself--I haven't taken a poll of others here.

  3. Good to hear. I had to stop reading Pen N Sword due to their teabagger slant.