Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who Loves a "Badass?"

Who? We do, that's who. "Badass" Brooklyn Animal Rescue has several Facebook pages, but there's one you should especially be interested in:

You'll find our abused friend whose ears were chopped off with scissors, as well as others you may recognize, on their site. These dogs have been adopted and can't be happier. Well, maybe on days it snows they may miss Florence just a little, but for the most part they're ecstatic to have a new loving home! Be sure to like the page and show them how thankful you are that they're rescuing these wonderful animals.


We've had a few more questions concerning the Jeremy Shane Hall misdemeanor conviction. It seems that some think if the Russellville officer had been guilty, he would have been tried for the original felony charges. We can't speak for the special prosecutors who would have tried the case, but almost any case is a crap shoot.

There were certainly victims, but they lost no money. In fact, five of them gained money for their problems. We doubt they felt satisfied, but we can see how many would feel they should. Also, the plea demands that Hall never work as a police officer in Alabama again. We predict he can't find work in any other state as well.

Yes, the plea was a sweet deal for Hall, but we understand he will be paying his attorney fees for some time. Everything in life is a trade off.


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