Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Does It Take to Revoke Bail?

Joshua Alexander Mardis can't seem to stay out of trouble. At 21, he's now become a three-time loser--or has he? Mardis was arrested for his third crime spree sometime early this morning, but depending on how these crimes are adjudicated, he may not have three strikes against him.

Here's a run down of Mardis' first two run-ins with the law: Mardis Arrest

Here's the skinny on his arrest from this morning: Third Set of Charges

We have no idea if Mardis has come to trial for his 2012 arrests. If he hasn't, he has no prior convictions of which we're aware. Obviously the Texaco robbery hasn't been adjudicated yet, so he may have no felony convictions.

For those on Facebook talking about a life sentence, it probably won't happen. What should be of concern to citizens of Lauderdale County is why this young man made bail in the May Texaco robbery. Surely he won't be given the opportunity to bond out of his latest arrest, or will he?


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