Thursday, July 11, 2013

Danny McDowell Said What?

Jeremy Shane Hall has received a suspended sentence (read: slap on the wrist) for his alleged sexual assault of several female Franklin County prisoners. Perhaps we should look at the good and rejoice that he can no longer work as a police officer in the state of Alabama.

Where is he working? We hear an ambulance service in Red Bay where he has already brought abject terror to one patient. A career in french fries seems to be in order.

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Now on to Russellville city attorney Danny McDowell. When asked to comment on the money paid to Hall's victims, he was quoted as saying: We didn’t believe there was any merit to the claims made against the city or city employees.

Really, McDowell? Not all filed civil lawsuits, did they? What...they just picked out Hall because they didn't like the way he looked? Please elaborate as to why you felt this way. Women everywhere are extremely interested.


Ryan Anthony Allen is in a lot of trouble for allegedly beating and shaking his girlfriend's two-month old baby. Allen's sister is defending him by saying he chastised her for spitting on her own infant. Perhaps members of Allen's family should remain silent?



  1. explain to me why Allen only (so far) can be charged with aggravated child abuse...yet, in the TD today there is a mom that left her child at home alone and she is charged with torture/willful abuse of a child and endangering the wellfare of a child (along with drug charges). Shouldn't Allen be charged with more? Not that Coker doesn't deserve her time as well for leaving a 1 year old at home for who knows how long. I just don't buy that they can't charge Allen with more that aggravated child abuse unless the child dies.

    1. This is possibly because Sheffield brought the charges against Coker, and Tusumbia brought the charges against Allen. When they are presented to a grand jury, the Colbert DA may ask for whatever charges are appropriate.

  2. What happened to the comments by the abuser's family?