Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Do Lauderdale Investigators Investigate?

Several months ago, a source with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department sent us information that the three individuals who died in a March house fire may have already been dead when the fire was set. A member of the victims' family soon contacted us to say that was definitely not the case, and we immediately corrected the misinformation.

Now we see that an Alabama Fire Marshal has noted errors in a recent report that appeared in PNS. The latest PNS article lists the previous sources for reports of an accelerant being used in the fatal fire--at least two news organization stated they were quoting Lauderdale investigators:

Whenever a fire results in a fatality, state fire marshals are called in. These individuals are highly trained in arson and present the definitive reports on any fatal fires. It seems odd that sheriff's department personnel chose to relay this information. It also seems odd that they feel free to comment on the case, while the fire marshals do not.

The Brewer family has wounds that will never heal. Let's hope the investigation is completed soon and whoever is responsible is soon brought to justice.


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