Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last Chance for the Shoals?

From Rodney Hall:

The hall is open this week from 2:00-9:00PM with volunteers in conjunction with the Shoals fair, which is renting the property. Come out and support the Hall of Fame in the Shoals!!! This could be the last chance to see it in the Shoals??? reduced admission $8.00.

Is this the last time the HOF will be open in the Shoals? It's certainly possible. The HOF's charter requires it to have at least a token exhibit in Colbert County. Much has been said about plans to keep the HOF here, but to date there have been no announcements of any actual work toward that end. The issue may soon evolve into one of the HOF's ability to sell the Tuscumbia property on which it sits.


We posted this story on our Facebook page and received several comments. Our wish is that no other mother or family has to go through this, but sadly it happens again and again. Now that Noah is on the road to recovery, we may assume Ryan Allen may receive as little as a one year sentence or probation. How do we assure he never feels the need to hurt another child? There are never any easy answers.


Coming tomorrow: The non-issue that the TimesDaily just won't let die.


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  1. The Hall of Fame was open last week from 2:00-9:00pm.... While it is closed this week..We plan to open again with volunteer help from 12:00-4:00 during Handy week...