Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grand Juries: Getting It Right or Wrong?

Some states don't use the grand jury system anymore, but Alabama is one that does. Like so much of our justice system, a grand jury seems to be a crap shoot. We've always heard it said that a good district attorney could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, but is this always the case?

While it would seem rape and other sex crimes are the most difficult to get an indictment for, it would appear others have their problems as well. Demarcus Key shot at his intended victim seven times, didn't manage to hit him, but was indicted for Attempted Murder:

Desmond Powers shot his ex-wife twice and was indicted for only Assault:

Maybe grand juries have more sympathy for those who shoot an ex-spouse?


At 6:25 tonight, Andrew Reid Lackey gave up his life, after taking the life of a Limestone builder on Halloween night 2005. We don't know what his mindset was, but life on death row can't be easy. He reputedly stated he was sorry for his crime...something Tommy Arthur has never been.


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