Monday, July 29, 2013

I Thought It Was a Joke

Remember a few months ago when The Onion proclaimed the leader of North Korea was the sexiest man alive? I know you remember when Shoalanda announced Jane Fonda was the new Vice President of Entertainment at UNA. Then there was an often linked article about a couple living in Manhattan without running water. All jokes.

So that's what I thought when I opened an email that said Shoals had a retweet for me. It was a "Baptism Party" at McFarland Bottoms (sic) with hotdogs afterwards. So I'm thinking "who's the funnyman that wants to make fun of church?"

It turns out there really is a "Launch Point Church" complete with a Flash Gordon rocket logo. I still thought for a few minutes that it must be some kind of humanist gathering that really got into the spirit of a joke, but after Googling several sites, I've come to think it's a real group in Colbert County.

I can remember when teachers tried to instruct kids how to act in certain situations. I vividly remember a Christmas Party in the school's gym; at the end a young man sang something like "Away in a Manger." Most kids started to applaud at the end, but the teachers soon put a stop to it. Back in our classrooms to collect out things, the teachers explained how you weren't supposed to applaud an act of worship.

Now I think the teachers just say "do the best you can" and hope for the best. I'm not sure about the hope part. I told Shoalanda what I was going to write and that it might generate some emails. She said it wouldn't be the first blog that did.

I guess those "If it feels good, do it" bumper stickers really worked.



  1. A sinner publicly professed his love for Jesus Christ and was washed clean of his sin. I can't think of a better reason to celebrate. I know Heaven celebrated. Maybe you would have preferred they serve cumin seared salmon? I, personally, would pick the hotdog.

  2. I go to LPC and will admit our bumper stickers are generic looking lol.

    But I love my church to death lol