Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ronald Weems at Limestone Correctional Facility

Ron Wikkid Weems has been processed and placed at the Limestone prison facility near Capshaw, Alabama. He will have an appeal hearing on August 5th.

The Weems case never ceases to amaze us. Colbert County District Attorney Bryce Graham stated he could find no grounds to charge Weems with Capital Murder, even though a case could surely have been made for attempted rape based on testimony from others who viewed the body.

Ashley Greenhill had several prior convictions, one of them for a violent crime against her own child, but wasn't tried as a habitual offender. Matt Fox and Laurel Pruett faced only two charges each. If they had been charged with and convicted of three separate felonies they would have then been in danger of a life sentence should they ever commit another felony. Wasn't there evidence for at least a theft charge in Pruett's case? 

Now we're confronted with an appeal hearing from Weems and his attorneys. Yes, Ronald Weems will be returned to the Shoals and again have the opportunity for better food and family visits. Let's hope it's his last visit. Amanda's family deserves more justice than what has so far been meted out.


Neighbors of Laquania Weems state she has relinquished custody of Ron and Laurel's daughter to a nephew. The child's situation seems to be going from bad to worse. We know several have contacted DHR over the past year or so concerning this child, but nothing has been done. At this point, it seems as if everyone is waiting for the next clown shoe to drop.


A reader has asked us why Shoals Ambulances don't yet have license plates on their vehicles. We were unaware of that--perhaps special tags were ordered? If any readers can enlighten us, shoot us an e-mail.



  1. So sad for the victim and for the child. I just have a special place in my heart for children like this after the horrible childhood I had. No child deserves abuse, especially at the hands of their own parent or family. I will keep this poor baby in my prayers, may God wrap his arms around her and keep his angels camped around her and find her a loving and safe home. Justice will be served one day, they WILL have to answer to their maker.

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