Monday, July 22, 2013

Get 15 Free! What a Deal?

Yes, the announcement has finally come that the TimesDaily online will no longer be free, except for 15 articles each 30 days. So we get half a view every day? We're not sure how many of us will pay the $8.00 charge to subscribe for the online version, but before we do, we should be aware of alternatives. offers Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile news online. The state coverage is great, as is the sports. Locally we have several alternatives which we've mentioned before. The Quad-Cities Daily this week is featuring Handy Festival Photos, so take a look if you haven't.

For those readers in Franklin County, the Franklin County Times is still free online, as is the Franklin Free Press which offers a tremendous amount of news on the softer side plus high school sports.

We have no doubt the TimesDaily will make a tidy profit off its new venture, but we also know it will lose some readers...and advertisers.


Hobbies? Addictions? Hobbies are great. Collect antique hat pins or European fishing lures? Go for it, but if your hobbies are actually addictions that ruin your life, we have to ask why?

It seems one Florence woman has already lost her children (or perhaps grandchildren), now she's been arrested again. The Pen-N-Sword story is below. What does it take to convince someone they need help? If you know someone that has a drug problem, you have every right to give up on them, but we hope you don't.

Some just take longer than others to see the light. Look at Robert Downey Jr. There's a success story that should inspire us not to give up.


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