Monday, July 8, 2013

From Bubba: Judy Lee Dyed Her Hair Green

For the Fourth, me and the whole family piled in our Dodge Ram Tough truck with the extended cab and headed to see Cousin Elmo and his wife Sally and their brood in Lauderdale County. We especially enjoyed the fireworks at the Zip City Airport, but they would have been a mite better if the folks in charge hadn't started the show just after noon. I heard they didn't want another incident with the potato salad like last year.

Anyhoo, we went on back to Elmo's to enjoy his new above ground pool when in come his eldest Judy Lee. I swear I tried not to stare, but Judy had done and gone dyed her blond hair green. To be more exact, it was the color of green you hope to never see on any livin' thing. I had to tell Bubba III not to point and giggle, but it warn't that easy for me neither.

So on the way back to Dog Ear, I got to thinkin' about the whole hair mess. Why would Judy Lee have dyed her hair green? I come up with three answers:

1. It was for St. Patrick's Day
2. She lost a bet on a Notre Dame game
3. She wanted to tick off Elmo and Sally

Now since it's July, I felt I could pert much rule out the whole St. Patrick's Day thing. And I'm not sure anyone around Zip City plays Notre Dame, so that's a long shot too. I finally decided she just wanted to make her parents mad cuz they wouldn't let her run off with one of Jason Isbell's roadies.

I asked Miz Shoalanda what she thought, and after thinkin' for a while, she said it could have just been what they call a "fashion statement." Now I've never heard of one of those and was half afeared to even ask what that is, but it didn't really sound all that bad.

So my point today is that sometimes you can reckon all you want, but you may not have enough to go on to come up with the right answer. But just remember, ever body's gonna reckon about the odd things in life and comment on them. Just tellin' folks what your opinion of the matter is doesn't count as gossip. That reminds me, don't mention to Elmo or Sally about the Jason Isbell roadie deal, they might not even know yet.



An answer on the lack of license plates on Shoals Ambulance vehicles: The Ambulance manufacturer AEV has not sent the completed paperwork on the ambulances. Without the proper paperwork they can't get the tags. The situation is beyond the company's control.


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