Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rumble Was Shot & Killed Friday in Cherokee

A nine year-old taking a walk on a city street on a summer day--that's the scenario we present to you. The young boy took along his dog, a dog who had been raised as his canine brother. As the pair walked down Fourth Street in Cherokee on Friday, a man shot Rumble Creasey, as the dog was called.

Rumble's human family has notified authorities. They will presumably press charges. The shooter will claim some form of threat of aggression from the dog, and nothing will be done--unless it's handled correctly. Many animal cruelty cases are not handled correctly even in large metropolitan areas.

We have to ask if this shooter had his gun handy as Rumble stepped onto his front yard? Did he have time to run inside to retrieve the weapon? Did he ask the young boy to restrain his dog if he did indeed feel threatened?

We'll bring you an update as soon as it's available--and the shooter's name as soon as charges are filed.


Several have inquired about LaDonna Montgomery Hitt, the Russellville City Court Clerk who recently pleaded guilty to embezzling 68K in city funds. Apparently her one year probation didn't sit well with some in Franklin County. Specifically some have asked if her plea was a misdemeanor or a felony. We believe she pleaded guilty to a felony, but as to why such an easy sentence? Here's an interesting article from PNS:


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