Friday, July 26, 2013

What's Wrong at Harlan Elementary School?


Several months ago, we received reports that Shirley Coker, principal of Harlan School in North Florence, had been playing musical chairs with her staff. While this may be upsetting to the school's employees, it's not a capital offense. Some parents have also weighed in on other issues at the school, but again, so many complaints can be viewed as subjective. Now the Florence City School Board has "accepted Coker's resignation."

We know only that the Thursday night board meeting was a called conclave not on their regular schedule and that Coker was escorted from the Harlan building. Will there be more information available later? It's a possibility, but if you've been a Harlan employee or parent who feels used and abused, we suggest you pay a visit to the board and tell them your story.


The Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board has three vacancies. One of these was created by a 25-year veteran who felt he'd served long enough. Kudos to Jimmy Johnson for all he's done for the local music scene.

The other two vacancies were created by members who live in Tennessee; they stated this was an impediment to their effectiveness. We've long felt members of any board in Alabama should reside in this state. We have to ask if this epiphany just came to these two board members or are there underlying factors?


Everyone out there in Florence have lights? We're just asking--it seems our Florence Electricity Department workers still don't have a contract...


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