Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CON Meetings Redux/Eyesore?!

Two days ago we commented on Rep. Greg Burdine's attendance at both Certificate of Need meetings in support of RegionalCare and a new hospital in Lauderdale County. Shortly after we published, Tom Whetstone of RC informed us that state senator Tammy Irons was in attendance for one of the two meetings. We apologize for that omission.

One reader sent a photograph of those who supported RC in person at the first hearing:

We regret that we don't have names for all the faces, but we do see Irons and Burdine. The reader who sent the photo stated that everyone placed themselves for the shoot. Very interesting...


The TimesDaily has been producing a gallery of Shoals eyesores for the past few weeks. This week's was Tuscumbia, and among the normal run-down houses was one surprising entry:

The photo is by Matt McKean and shows the dilapidated state of two Deshler signs. We're going to assume the signs were erected by some booster group that has now disbanded or has simply forgotten this project. The sign on the right appears to be falling apart, and both are in need of fresh paint.

Surely some Deshler Alumni are willing to contribute toward redoing these signs? Someone? Let us know.

Note: This is a very worthwhile series of photos, and we hope Mr. McKean doesn't mind our using his excellent photo here in an effort to sham..., uh, encourage someone in Tuscumbia to do something about this.


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  1. I've been complaining that the entrance to Tuscumbia in that area belongs on your eyesore list. It's not attractive to new visitors coming into town for the first time with all the dead stumps and overgrown privet. The Helen Keller sign is surrounded by decaying railroad timbers. It doesn't make a nice impression.

    I offered daylilies a year or so ago for any enhancement projects. I have I donated years back in Spring Park and along Main St. by Foodland.