Friday, July 19, 2013

Ronald Howard Charged in Dog's Death

Ronald (Ronnie) Howard has been charged with Animal Cruelty in the death of Rumble, a bulldog shot last week in Cherokee. Howard is 16 and has been charged as a juvenile. The Howard family has stated the dog was vicious. As always, there are two sides to every altercation; however, this is one which could have had a much happier ending if Howard had simply used some common sense and manners.

Note: The photo of Ronnie Howard is an older one sent by a family member who is concerned for him. He is currently 16 years old; it was the choice of authorities not to charge him as a adult.


Use Real Words: We have a friend who is a speech pathologist. Among her many clients are children who have some degree of intellectual impairment. These children often create their own vocabulary and expect others to understand their utterings. One incident stands out; a group of children in a special needs home would ask for "tap" when requesting something to drink. The SP would always reply, "use real words."

That's our advice to anyone seeking to make their intentions or actions known. We would also suggest it's difficult to harm the reputation of anyone who lists her occupation as "MILF." No child deserves to be thrown to the floor, beaten, and/or raped. If we have to tell anyone that, we have little hope for them.


Tomorrow at Natchez Trace Harley-Davidson: Outreach praise and worship team will hit the stage at 12 Noon. Brooklyn Hall hits the stage at 2 until 2:30!!! Big line up all day tomorrow starting at noon for live music. Come show love and support. Skinny Molly hits stage at 7..... Poker Run last bike out at 11...... FUN. ALL FOR Hollie Hodge Rea. GOD BLESS ALL THAT'S HELPED MAKE THIS A SUCCESS!!!!!

(Apologies to the organizers of this great benefit that we have been unable to contact them due to our phone taking an unscheduled swim. They--Lisa Steel Murr & Co.--do a wonderful work!)


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  1. Doubtful those girls in Russellville know the real words for anything. That's why half of them stay pregnant. Some of them have been making rude comments on baby Noah's get well facebook page. Who does something like that? Oh, yeah, someone who's son or brother or nephew tried to kill the child.