Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kisses & Hisses

Kisses, or at least some kudos, to Sandra Killen-Burroughs, chair of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. Sandra is a friend of ours so we can verify what a great job she's done while heading the board. Now Sandra has stood up to those who seek to muddy the Lauderdale side of the Tennessee River with extraneous names for the new visitors center--a center paid for with Lauderdale tax dollars. We have to ask how a few phone calls inquiring about a name change came to be a news story in the TimesDaily?


Hisses to Franklin County's dismissal of the criminal suit against disgraced Vina teacher Kimberly Dawn Bynum George. We do realize it would have been a tough go without the testimony of her victim cum husband. Perhaps a plea involving a fine and probation would have been in order? Her ex-husband and his family are victims in all this too.

We understand that Bynum-George's teaching license was revoked, and she has been working in a service establishment in Madison County. We hold teachers to a higher standard...and rightly so.


A friend offered this comment after reading yesterday's blog: I'm surprised that Martini's turned out to be a dive. You expect sophistication from a business that uses advertising based on a close-up of breasts.


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