Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Shoals: Just One Big Happy?

A Florence-Lauderdale visitors center has been in the works for some time. We're now told that once it's completed it will have a new name to better reflect its service to the entire Shoals. Not too long ago we would have been pleased with that news. Now? Not so much.

For those from across the river who are applauding this move, we have some questions. First, let's look at a positive quote from Rodney Hall:

Thank you Debbie Wilson for thinking outside the lines and over the river... We are the Shoals! 

We have to ask if Mr. Hall spoke to the Colbert County Commission about the oneness of the area? Perhaps he wrote a letter? How many who want to use Florence and Lauderdale's greater tax base to promote the county just to the south stood up to the Colbert Commission when they opposed the new hospital?

Everything in life is give and take, but it seems some of the powers that be in Colbert want only to take...


Both Pen N Sword and the Quad-Cities Daily have some interesting photos related to the Jessica Bevis Broadfoot murder investigation:

While visiting the QCD, be sure to check out their ongoing photographic coverage of the Helen Keller Festival--it's the next best thing to being there!


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