Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red Bay Facing a Lawsuit?

It was Sunday June 2nd. A person called Red Bay Police to inform them a child was missing. What could have been a horrible situation was apparently simply a case of custodial interference. Yet it has led to a severely injured citizen and a possible law suit against the town.

A Red Bay officer investigating the disappearance of the young girl learned that she might be in a worship service at Hurricane Creek Baptist Church. Arriving at the church building, the cop entered, found the girl, and removed her from the worship service.

We don't know how much commotion this caused, but one gentleman, reportedly a deacon, also left the service to determine the problem. The man is reported as being in his late 60s and a respected member of the community. Once outside the building, the Red Bay officer informed the church member that he had no business inquiring about what had just happened. Things escalated.

At some point, the Red Bay officer physically attacked the Hurricane Creek Baptist Church deacon, breaking his arm we're told. Other members had by then come outside, one calling the Franklin County Sheriff's Department. Someone, possibly Shannon Oliver himself, arrived and threatened to arrest the Red Bay officer.

We understand the officer was not arrested, but the deacon was taken to Red Bay Hospital for treatment. To answer the question of one reader, we do not know if the ABI has been called in. Obviously it should be.

Yes, we know the name of the Red Bay officer who allegedly broke the deacon's arm. If legal charges are filed, we will be reporting it, but not until then.

Red Bay officers do not receive the training those who work in larger towns are subject to. This officer would be better employed as a bouncer at a night club. He would fit right in.



  1. I know who the officer is and he's a smart alec little punk. I hope he gets the most severe punishment allowed for this and loses his job!

  2. You disgust me! I personally know some of our Red Bay police officers and they are VERY well trained and very good people who are being bashed because of a officer simply doing his job!

  3. This disgust me!! I personally know some of the Red Bay police officers and they are very good people with families! This bashing of them is uncalled for and is very hurtful to their loved ones. This officer was only doing his job!!! I also know that these officers are VERY well trained so the "bouncer at a night club" comment is ridiculous. These men and women are willing to risk their lives everyday even in little bitty Red Bay so that they can Serve & Protect and this is the treatment they get from the public?? Really?! Like I said I'm disgusted!

    1. We're pretty sure the Baptist deacon was slightly disgusted also. Tell us, does the Franklin County Sheriff's Department show up often and threaten to arrest Red Bay officers?

  4. Replies
    1. If you have any inside info, and it appears you do, please e-mail us. Note: We are neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the poster.

  5. Hopefully, bouncers don't break arms either . . .

  6. I agree that a training issue is part of the problem, but RBPD officers go to the same academy as officers from all over the state. So, I think ranther than a lack of training being the issue, it's just general police training that is the issue. They go to the academy and get berated by drill sergeants like they're being prepared to storm the beach at Normandy. Why? For the most part, small town cops are essentially hall monitors, writing tickets to teenagers for spinning their tires, speeding, etc. So, why are they trained like a branch of the military? Even the way they dress and are made to cut their hair is military-like. And everything about their job is a "war". "War on drugs", "war on drunk driving", "war on crime"... It's no wonder so many of them have a soldier boy, us-vs-them mentality.

    I think RBPD's obsession with hiring those who many would consider "kids" is another part of the problem. Off the top of my head I can think of about five officers 24 or younger that the RBPD has hired in the last few years. A couple of them still live(d) with momma, when they were hired.

    Mainly, I think the problem is that most policemen are under the impression that, when it comes to dealing with citizens, THEY are the boss. And like any boss, what they say, goes. Questioning their authority or even their actions is a departure from the norm and tends to make them aggressive.

    If Red Bay would make an example out this guy, instead of giving him the paid vacation most officers get when they beat up a citizen, it would serve as a reminder to other cops that enforcing the law doesn't exempt you from the consequences of breaking it (or a 62 year old's arm!)...

  7. Hurricane Creek Baptist Church is not located in Red Bay, AL; the church is located approximately 5 miles south of Vina, AL in Franklin County on Highway 23 (Cotton Gin Road). It is approximately 8.5 miles from Red Bay, Al. Very understandable why the deacon ask his two questions: What is going on? and do we not have county law enforcement to handle situations in the county? No reason for the harsh treatment inflicted on the church and especially on the man doing his duty as a church deacon. Did not know it is now a crime to ask simple questions - just saying......

  8. Red Bay cops have been very unprofessional for years. This is not at all surprising to me. They should stick to their regular gig ~ Arresting folks for possession of a beer.

  9. I grew up outside of Red Bay, and I graduated from high school there. This story does not surprise me in the least. The Red Bay police have been unprofessional for decades. This "cop" should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but that's very doubtful in rural Alabama. He'll probably be back on the job within a few weeks. Red Bay cops should stick to what they do best - arresting people for possession of beer. That's right. It's a dry town that still exhibits a Prohibition Era mindset. I haven't called Red Bay home for over half my life now, and I couldn't be happier about that decision. Best wishes to the well-intentioned deacon. I hope he has a speedy recovery.