Saturday, June 1, 2013

Update on Carla Rena' Cannon Animal Abuse Charge

Pictured is Carla Rena' Foxx Cannon, half the married duo currently facing 14 counts of misdemeanor animal abuse in Lauderdale County. In yesterday's blog, we stated Cannon was employed at Florence High School. Cannon is, as our police source informed us, a Florence teacher, but not in the Florence City system. She currently works as the Media Specialist for K-6 at Wilson School in the Lauderdale County system. Wilson uses a Florence mailing address, but is technically outside the city. Apologies to the Florence City system and CFSO Connie Roberts who obviously want nothing to do with Rena', as she calls herself.

Yes, indeed, Cannon has taught at several county schools including Lexington, Cloverdale, and Central. She has previously taught special education and holds a masters degree. Of course, no one ever equated little grey cells with compassion, now did they?

One word of advice for Rena': With all the money you and hubby Bart saved on dog food, buy some lipstick for your June 20th court appearance. Nothing like a little fresh paint on an old barn as the saying goes. We've seen some of the photos of the abused and dead dogs; you're going to need all the help you can get.

Editor's Note: The Florence Animal Shelter expects all fourteen surviving dogs to recover and be placed in permanent and loving homes.



  1. Yes She needs to be put under the jail house or somewhere with no food and water and same goes for the man as well..

  2. Thank you for this article. Most of the news articles are very watered down. I'm glad yours are not!!