Sunday, June 2, 2013

What the TimesDaily Doesn't Tell Us...Or Is That Ronnie Willis?

Saturday morning saw an escape from the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center. Perhaps you read about it in the TimesDaily...or perhaps you were lucky enough to read about it in Pen-N-Sword. These two news outlets gave different accounts of why the escapee Jerry Don Crowden was incarcerated to begin with.

We often hear, and we at Shoalanda usually agree, that the TD is a cheerleader for local business and nothing more. This could be the reason the possibility of danger to the public was played down, yet the Florence Police Department page on Facebook gave at least part of the info on Crowden that PNS published. The difference?

Reading the article in today's TD that announces Crowden's capture, we notice that the info on Crowden came from Ronnie Willis' office. Perhaps that's the problem?

No, Jerry Don Crowden wasn't arrested in May for his most recent crime spree. He was returned here from prison in May for additional court appearances. Obviously he didn't want to go back. Perhaps now he'll be incarcerated for the rest of his natural life. The Shoals will be safer.


Have you often wondered what the Certificate of Need Board is and why it has so much authority over local health care? You can thank the Federal government for the original CON premise. Tomorrow we'll talk about it in some depth and what an unfavorable ruling for RegionalCare could mean.


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