Sunday, June 9, 2013

Free Days of "TimesDaily" Numbered?


Shelton Publishing of Decatur owns several newspapers, among them the TimesDaily and the Courier Journal, both located in Florence...the Shoals. The Decatur Daily could be said to be the Shelton family's premiere publication, and it's not free online except for the basics. Neither does it have a forum, something TD editor Scott Morris has openly stated he opposes.

Earlier today the online news site Pen-N-Sword, not affiliated with Shelton or any other publications, reported seemingly new policies at the TD:

It's a well known fact that publishers make their money via advertising, not from those who purchase their publications. Charging for online content is not that common at this point, and after at least two years of rumors that such charges were coming, we're a little surprised that they may finally be here.

While we don't yet know the extent of these fees for online viewing, earlier in the year the Tuscaloosa News uttered rumblings concerning charging for its forum. We haven't checked recently to see if that policy is still in place, but if the TD should initiate charges for its TVT forum, there are alternatives to that also.

Tomorrow: Alternatives


The Alabama Department of Transportation has confirmed it will be closing one of the overpasses on Hatch Boulevard for several months. It's initially worrying, but perhaps the project will be like the new paint job for O'Neal Bridge announced three...or was that four...years ago. We're still waiting.


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  1. They spent weeks cleaning ONeal in preparation for the painting. Wonder how much that costs the taxpayers as whenever they do decide to paint it, they'll have to clean it again.