Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Fair Trial for Autumn Marie Wood?

A reader has asked if Autumn Marie Wood can get a "fair trial" in Lauderdale County. For those who may have missed the news today, Wood was denied her second request to be tried as a juvenile in the stabbing death of Brooklyn Ann Hollins.

Wood's attorney may now ask for a change of venue. We would doubt that such a request would be granted. Tony Logan's was; Christy Scott's was not. Go figure. Wood could also accept a plea bargain. She's not denying she killed Hollins, but at this point she is claiming self defense.

As for a "fair trial," it's our opinion Woods would ultimately come out better going to trial than accepting a plea. The teenager is physically attractive and many on a jury will feel sympathy for the young woman. It may be a sad fact, but Wood will be in court in person to present her side--Brooklyn Hollins will not.


Let's look at another sad fact. It's been reported there were 18 youths at the unchaperoned house party. Probably more attendees were female than male, but we may assume at least nine party-goers were young women. One such youth lived in the home, leaving eight teenage girls who were overnight guests at this unsophisticated soiree. Of the eight (probably more), all had parents/guardians who allowed them to spend the night away from home without speaking to an adult in charge.

Someone on a local forum has commented on the grammar and spelling of youths discussing the crime. We may safely assume if these parents don't care where their daughters spend the night, they certainly don't care about their education or lack thereof.


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