Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on Hurricane Creek Baptist Church Assault

We have been given some new information on the Sunday June 2nd assault that took place at Hurricane Creek Baptist Church in Red Bay. The victim was Mr. Steve Scott aged 62. (Apologies for adding a few years to Mr. Scott's age in our previous blog.)

The incident occurred at the evening service, during which Mr. Scott asked two questions of the Red Bay police sergeant investigating a case of custodial interference. The officer, said to be 36 years younger than Mr. Scott, then physically attacked the church representative. The cowboy cop then reportedly drew his gun and began to brandish it in front of several congregants, at least one of whom called the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

Deputy Clint Holcombe

Franklin County Deputy Clint Holcombe arrived to defuse the situation. Several present credit Deputy Holcombe with preventing much worse injury to Mr. Scott or others. Scott was then taken for medical treatment which determined his arm was sprained rather than broken as originally thought.

We still have no word on an ABI investigation; however, it seems some members of the small Baptist church will be filing formal complaints against the Red Bay officer. In our previous blog we stated the officer in question might be better employed as a bouncer. One reader reflected...

Oh, and to correct the statement that the cop would fit right in as a bouncer: I know him personally and if you take away his badge and gun and taser and pepper spray and nightstick and the knowledge that he's afforded extra protection under the law, he wouldn't swat a fly!


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