Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day 2013: Fathers & Friends

If you're male, your father was your first best friend and mentor. If you're female, he was your protector and still is. If you still have your father, tell him how much you love him today. If you no longer have him, tell a father figure how much he means, then do something good in honor of your father.

Sadly, we see where some refer to their male parent as a "sperm donor." And more sadly, for some it's true. If you know such a child or young adult, resolve to be the father (or mother) figure this person needs.

We hope each of you has a blessed Fathers Day.


Friends? We have many, some more special than others. Sometimes we unintentionally hurt those who are close to us. While Shoalanda personally works for herself, we know many work for companies or entities they care about. This is admirable and says much about their character.

We've had our say about UNA's current policy on foreign investors and don't plan to broach the subject again unless something dramatic happens...and we sincerely hope it doesn't. It was certainly never our intention to hurt those whom we admire and love.

Just remember this: If someone agrees with you 100%, then you have some serious mind control going on...or the other person is lying big time.


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