Friday, June 14, 2013

Jane Fonda New VP of Entertainment at UNA

Jane Fonda with Anti-Aircraft Personnel outside Hanoi July 1, 1972

In a surprising tactical move to recruit more international students, the University of North Alabama today announced Jane Fonda will be joining the university as the new Vice President of Entertainment. In a press conference open to invited guests only, a university spokesman stated the new addition will appeal to the vast numbers of Chinese students expected to arrive on campus within the next five years.While Fonda has moved away from her openly Communistic leanings the past few years, the spokesman added that she remains a living legend to all those raised in countries that personify the term "red states." 

In a footnote to the announcement, the obviously ebullient spokesman added that in deference to Zhang Zhiting, the Chinese businessman behind the new school of integrated health and a member of the National Peoples Congress, an executive branch of the Communist Party in China, the names of ROTC graduates who fought in Korea and Vietnam will be expunged from the plaques at the World War I Memorial Amphitheatre. 



  1. President Cale and the Board of Directors may not make the decisions you would make for the university, but that does not mean they are wrong in what they are doing. Time will tell.

    Had it not been for the meticulous management of funds from the very capable hands of the president and the VP of Financial Affairs, UNA would not have survived the drastic cuts that came with pro-ration, more pro-ration, and yet even more pro-ration. It was not just a little bit of money...we are talking about running a university on MILLIONS of dollars less, but with higher costs.

    All things considered, with the challenges administrators of UNA are faced with each month to keep afloat with all the cuts AND the rising costs of running the university, this (and recent other posts) are unfair and a bit uninformed.

    Instead of being critical, can you suggest a better way to pull funds out of nowhere? The few percentages of tuition hikes certainly come nowhere near to covering added expenses with huge budget cuts. There aren't any raises to cut out. There aren't any extra grants to receive, there isn't excess staff to cut. Would you rather see UNA close their doors, or try other options?

    And now, with Obamacare, I do believe the challenges just became much most businesses and individuals are sadly about to find out.

    1. I think you know we support UNA. I have personally stated I supported the City of Florence donating to the new science building, but where do you draw the line? This isn't just some Chinese students coming to town and maybe, or maybe not, taking slots away from Alabamians; it's a card-carrying Communist who's come here, a member of the inner circle. What if it were the Dark Man, the Walkin' Dude? Just how far do we go to get funds? See my remark about Nevada...