Friday, June 7, 2013

Forums, Red Bay, & Libel

Red Bay, Alabama

There's a national online forum that we won't name here due to the remote possibility someone either 13 in age or IQ is reading this and has not yet discovered this modern wonder. This forum is not censored and posters regularly libel others.

We've discussed the legal definition of libel before, as in grounds for a civil suit, and damages to income or personal life is the third requisite for such a suit. That means such suits are extremely difficult to win, and most attorneys shy away from taking them.

Some weeks ago a poster claimed the female police chief of Red Bay was having multiple affairs. Our opinion is many cannot accept a woman in a position of authority. Now, someone supporting a light sentence for Hershel Dale Graham, convicted killer of David Andrasik, has brought up a similar topic concerning Chief Jana Jackson and Andrasik. Multiple posts have been made, all along the same line, and all labeled as originating in Florence. 

Whoever the poster(s) is, he/she may think it's a safe bet that they can't be traced. First it does take a court order. It also helps to have the right contacts. Does anyone think Chief Jackson doesn't have the right contacts? Does anyone think Chief Jackson could not claim her job security was put at risk by these posts?

No, it would be fairly simple for Chief Jackson to determine the origin of these posts. If we were Elijah Graham, currently under indictment for drug possession/distribution in Franklin County, we would want to be sure no more such posts are made.

Tomorrow: What Really Happened at Hurricane Creek Baptist Church in Red Bay?


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  1. You tell them ,Shoalanda! I can not believe the level of shame some will travel to. I hope that the police Chief tracks the posts and prosecutes to the fullest. People use the internet as a way to attack others and think it will never come back to them.