Monday, June 10, 2013

They Cut Her Ears Off!

She apparently didn't look enough like a Pit Bull to her owners so they clipped her ears...with a pair of scissors. Infection ensued. Now she's at the Florence Shelter facing expensive medical treatment.

We know only that she was confiscated from a home on Cherokee Street in Florence. Whoever did this to her should be made at least to pay her vet bill. The horrible thing is perhaps many do the same and we never know it.

The shelter has named her Soleil. If you'd like to contribute:

drop donation at the shelter 702 E College St
Or donate by Paypal
Please indicate that your donation is for Soleil. 


We've had several questions concerning the young man from Muscle Shoals who remains hospitalized in a coma. We did not break the story, and don't have any new info. We do hope he recovers quickly and whoever is responsible for his condition will be punished.


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  1. The pain this dog must be in. Some people shouldn't be allowed children nor pets.