Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red Bay Ruckus & the ABI

Bay Tree Park: Does Red Bay Have New Claim To Fame?

Yesterday the Red Bay officer involved in the alleged civil rights violations of members of the Hurricane Creek Baptist Church was named in the press for the first time. Here's some interesting info on Sergeant Kyle Palmer and his victims.

We've mentioned before that the Alabama Bureau of Investigation will not enter a case on the request of a private citizen alone. Red Bay Police Chief Jana Jackson has stated she called the ABI on the night of the June 2nd incident and was told it was not something in which the agency was authorized to get involved. Why?

Was the ABI fully apprised of the situation? Will they become involved now that four formal complaints against Sgt. Palmer have been filed? Will they wait until the church deacon files a law suit against the Red Bay force?

Conducting only an internal investigation is not avoiding the appearance of evil. If the Red Bay Police feel they are on firm ground, perhaps they should consider that the daughter-in-law of the injured deacon Steve Scott is an attorney. We have to ask the citizens of Red Bay if they are comfortable with their tax dollars being used to defend a lawsuit...or possibly being paid out if Mr. Scott and the others involved win the suit?


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  1. As a citizen of Red Bay, I'd rather my tax dollars go to pay a law suit than an abusive cop's salary...