Thursday, June 13, 2013

UNA U.S.-China International Institute

"UNA Keeping You Safe from the Commies by Clogging Their Arteries with Fried Chicken"

The first problem seems to be the title of the new UNA school is ungrammatical, but why let that bother us when there's so much more to this deal that promises to...ummmm, do something for the Shoals. The salient question is just what will this new endeavor bring to the Shoals besides money, or is money all that counts?

Perhaps it's what we're not seeing that bothers us the most. No local physicians have come forward to praise this move. Neither have any nurse practitioners, other nurses, or hospital administrators. If money is all that matters, let's look to Nevada for inspiration. Just think of all the local girls who would be making the big bucks then...


A new comment on the incident at the Hurricane Creek Baptist Church has raised some interesting questions. First, we're told the two queries of church deacon Steve Scott were:

1. What's going on here?

2. Do we not have county law enforcement to handle situations in the county?

It was apparently the second question that raised the ire of the Red Bay police sergeant. We're not an expert on police jurisdiction; therefore, we have no idea if the officer acted improperly by not first contacting the Franklin County Sheriff's Department to help with the search. We may infer that at this point the Red Bay officer knew the child was in no danger and that there was no pressing need to physically remove her from the worship service. Since the church, located just outside Vina, would be under the jurisdiction of the sheriff's department and not Red Bay, it would seem this sergeant's actions are extremely suspect.


Interesting article about the Russellville municipal clerk under indictment for embezzling 25K. Since she's reported to have worked for the city since 2005, we wonder what the actual total of missing funds might be and why the statute of limitations is three years.


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  1. I think UNA will target child molesters for their next recruiting push. They can't find jobs, so send them to school. Sure.