Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lifestyles of the Slimy and Scaly?

No, we're not talking about any former circuit court judges; we're just trying to figure out what a mural of fish has to do with the lifestyle of downtown Florence. The last time we looked, there wasn't even one catfish restaurant.

We also have to wonder about the new TimesDaily software. Under articles similar to "Lifestyles of Florence" is "Man Arrested on Charges of Rape and Sodomy." The staff at the TD may really need to work on that feature.


We're sure Facebook, if you indulge, sends you all sorts of pages on your news feed, suggesting you just might like them. We recently received a posting from Yellowhammer Politics, a seemingly conservative endeavor. Looking it over, we see the "no new taxes" phrase.

That may sound good to some, but in this state it's not a matter of too much tax, but the wrong things/people being taxed. Can't we come up with just one candidate for at least one office who would promise to look into that?


Speaking of elected officials, for over two years we've received complaints about a certain Lauderdale official who doesn't like black women, or any women over the age of 40 or so. While we find such prejudices extremely distasteful in most instances, look at it this way: Would you really want him to like you?


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