Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The name of the teen club is High-Class, but in this case it may be an egregious misnomer. Open just 14 days, the club located in the old Down-the-Hatch location adjoining Webster Inns & Suites was the site of a shooting Friday night. Police say youths from Sheffield, Tuscumbia, and Town Creek were involved in the altercation that left two wounded.

Webster Inn, located at the intersection of Hatch Boulevard and Jackson Highway (Nathan Boulevard), is adjacent to one of the most well-traveled intersections in the Shoals. Yet visibility apparently failed to deter a group of about 20 club-goers, all under the age of 19, from "taking their discussion outside" where the shootings occurred.

Sources say the night spot caters to what could be termed an inner city crowd and has featured such promotions as "Swimsuit Night" and the "Put On 4 My City" party that opened the club. The City promotion was hosted by Mix-Boy Entertainment, the brainchild of a 24 year-old Decatur hip-hop singer. Mix-Boy's MySpace page lists his heroes as Jesus, P. Diddy, and Master P. Well, at least he has eclectic taste.

While Sheffield needs all the new business it can get. it does seem that every new club in the river city quickly becomes the setting for violence. That's one thing Sheffield does not need more of.

What's up with this: The Lauderdale County Commission recently hired a Birmingham attorney to defend the county in a lawsuit against the Detention Center. Perhaps they should remember that a Birmingham practice does not automatically instill more legal expertise than one in the Quad-Cities.